DIY iPod Car mount


Make a car mount for your iPod or your cellphone for pennies (it cost me 50 cents). Do it yourself and save money and feel proud. You might already have the objects in which case this will be a free iPod car mount.

I got this idea from looking at some professional kits. Specifically a company called has a great selection of car mounting bracket kits for electronics like iPods and cellphones. Go there and find the make/model of your car to see where to install it on your car, and then follow the guide here to finish the details. I have a VW Jetta. For my car there are two options of placing the mount. High or low. This is what the high and low panavise mounts look like:

I will be making the high one, and my finished product will look like this:

Step #1 Materials

Go down to ace hardware store and look for brackets in the building supplies section. There is a small flat rectangular bracket that looks like this for 50 cents. (I bought 2 in case I messed one up.)

I chose to go with the high install, so our objective is to somehow fit the metal bracket into the console and secure it. We will be installing this bracket between the casing that is to the left of the glovebox, and to the right of the vertical casing strip that is to the right of the air controls/radio. Just like you see in the photo. So grab your Torx size 20 screw driver and lets go!